Out of dinner ideas? Want something creative for your kidlet’s meal? Have you had good intentions for dinner and ended up going out to eat or cooked a pizza? Have you put extra effort into a new meal only to be met with a mediocre response?

Snapshot Meals is brought to you by two working moms, Julie and Lindsey, who are trying to provide real food to their families. Our answer to the questions listed above were often “yes” so we started bouncing ideas for snacks and meals off of each other because two heads are better than one!

lindsey_julie_bwWe aren’t pretending that we made up these meals. We’ll even tell you where we got the ideas! Don’t mistake us for being low-fat, gluten-free, low-carb, etc. We aren’t even saying we never go out, order pizza, or have the kids eat hot lunch at school. We ARE trying to make this page a resource. If two heads are better than one, a whole blog of friends, families, and readers is even better!
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2 thoughts on “About

  1. I work with Emily & Dallas every day!!!…I also LOVE to cook, and will be using your website!!! Emily kept telling me I NEEDED to go and see it! YEAH!~ Ms. Engel ~ BW

  2. I also work with Emily and Dallas every day!! Emily showed me this website full of wonderful recipes. I can’t wait to make some of them. This website will be a great resource for me in the future!! Thanks Emily for showing me this awesome site!!!! Mrs. Wood 🙂

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